Weapons Allowed and Stats

Automatic Rifles (120  Rounds) (Medium Range)

Semi-Automatic Rifles (90 Rounds) (Medium Range)

Sniper Rifles (30  Rounds) (No automatic firing) (Very Long Range)

Shotguns (16 Shells) (No automatic firing) (Close Range)

Pistols (12 Rounds) (Close Range)

Flashbangs (1 Max)

Smoke Grenades (1 Max)

C4 (Spec Ops Only) (1 max) (No live combat purpose)

Aircraft Weapons Allowed and Stats

Combat Helicopter (4 Long Range Missiles) (300 Rounds - Medium Range) (Fast Movement Speed)

Transport Helicopter w/ Mounted Guns (100 Rounds/Gun - Medium Range) (Slow Movement Speed)

Land Vehicle Weapons Allowed and Stats

Humvee w/ 50. Cal (150 Rounds - Medium Range) (Fast Movement Speed)

Transport Truck (Medium Movement Speed)

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