Character Roles

Unviersal Roles - Apply to all factions

Fourth Fascist Regime Roles  - Apply only to the FFG

Freedom Fighters Roles - Apply only to the FF

Universal Roles


A common person who has no job. They are usually wives, children and elderly people.


The priest is a holy messenger. Their religion might vary, depending on the priest. Since there are no churches outside the FFG's territory, these priests are roaming the lands looking for people to help.


The nuns are usually companions of the priests, aiding them in prayers or whatever tasks they try to fulfill


The medic usually works for the military since all the hospitals are ran by the military forces. Their knowledges might vary, depending on prefferences.

Fourth Fascist Regime Roles


The fuhrer is the leader of the fascist regime. He rules with an iron fist.

General of the Army

The general of the army is the one and only. He is the fuhrer's right hand.

(Soon to be added more)

Freedom Fighters


The general is the only leader of the Freedom Fighters. He is the inspiration of the people, the one who set everything in motion.


Second in command, the colonel makes sure that the general's orders are carried out successefully.

Combat Medic

A field medic who sometimes accompanies parties into battle, making sure they won't die there.


An infanterist is the soldier on foot. They are usually in the front lines of any battle.

Combat Pilot

The combat pilot is specialized in handling aircraft equipment. They could also serve as an aircraft's gunman, handling the auxiliary weapons.

Special Opperative

The special ops carry out secret missions for the general. Extractions and insertions are their field of expertise.


The engineer is usually the one in charge with the maintenance of vehicles and aircrafts. They serve as drivers for the land vehicles as well.