Freedom Fighters

Freedom Fighters (FF) is a faction set up by General Daniel Kiro, a former Delta Special Ops. The group is currently hiding in plain sight in an abandoned military base with few supplies, munitions and weapons. In such conditions, they are forced to perform raids on poorly secured enemy bases for additional ammo and weapons as well as food supplies.

They fight to remove the Fourth Fascist Regime (FFR) and restore democracy on the US soil!

Fourth Fascist Regime

Fourth Fascist Regime (FFR) was a movement led by Hitler's heir, Hanz Josef. Hanz pulled together those who still supported the fascist ideology and made an army. Plundering weapons from military bases, they managed to overthrow the US government and take over. Hanz created an empire and continued rulling it with an Iron Fist.

Freedom Fighters (FF) were seen as insurgents and all of Hitler's opperatives were striving to get their base's location.

They fight for world domination!