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Freedom Fighters Commander




Was a Delta force special operations soldier in the U.S. Army when the war started. He ran missions all over the U.S., Get him drunk enough some nights and he might even tell u a tale or two. His Unit was disbanded once the government surrendered. Fearing his safety he fled to a secret military base in the dessert wasteland. There he has been gathering forces to try and re-take his beloved country. He once has a family with a wife and child, but while in service was told they were slaughtered when Hanz took Florida. One of the first people he recruited was a young girl named Shiro. He took her in and brung her back from being close to death. He gave her food, clothing, and a place to live, she has always shown gratitude for his help. But he fears that she will never quite get back to being the girl she was before the war. He always shows care for her even though she is still quite broken but hopes to help her return to normal and feel once again. He currently awaits more to join his cause and take down the Fourth Facist Regime


Not much is know of his personality as he usually keeps to himself. He has a short temper as long as u keep on a good path u dont have to worry about him. He is a very easy going guy but can be set off like a nuclear explosion. He is also known to drink on ocassion to ease the memories of his family


Freedom Fighters


One Six Chamber .464 Taurus Revolver with a 10" Barrel

One  Ammo Pouch with .464 Round speedloaders

One 8" Bowie Knife


Shiro Rin